Dec. 30

Feature: New Year's Choices

Dec. 25

Feature: Best albums of 2005

Dec. 13

Feature: Best live performances of 2005

Dec. 9

Live column: Sean Paul

Daily story: Grammy nominations

Dec. 6

Daily story: Nancy Sinatra vs. Jessica Simpson

Concert review: Fiona Apple

Dec. 4

Album reviews: Holiday music by Smashmouth, Rev. Horton Heat

Album review: System of a Down

Dec. 2

Live Column: Fiona Apple

Album review: 50 Cent

Dec. 1

Concert review: Sinead O'Connor

Nov. 27

Box-set Reviews: Ramones, Talking Heads

Nov. 25

Live Column: Sinead O'Connor

Nov. 18

Live column: Detroit Cobras

Nov. 16

Concert review: Kanye West

Nov. 14

Concert review: Smoking Popes

Nov. 13

Sunday feature: R. Kelly

Album reviews: Public Enemy, Kate Bush

Nov. 11

Live column: Flowerbooking

Nov. 8

Feature: Alexandra Patsavas

Concert review: Veruca Salt

Nov. 4

Live column: Digable Planets

Nov. 2

News feature: Chicago Park District

October 30

Concert review: Kanye West

October 30

Sunday feature: Kanye West

October 30

Concert review: Gwen Stefani & The Black Eyed Peas

October 28

Live column: Go! Team

October 20

Concert review: Paul McCartney

October 16

Sunday feature: Paul McCartney

Album reviews: Mest, Cream

October 14

Concert review: Death Cab for Cutie

October 12

Movie feature: Elizabethtown

October 9

Sunday feature: Sheperd Paine

Album reviews: Sinead O'Connor, The Go! Team

October 7

Live column: Dungen

Sept. 30

Live column: System of a Down

Concert review: Arcade Fire

Sept. 23

Live column: M.I.A.

Sept. 23

Concert review: Beck

Sept. 22

Concert review: Franz Ferdinand

Sept. 16

Live column: Sufjan Stevens

Sept. 13

Album review: Paul McCartney

Sept. 11

Sunday Feature: Fall Preview

Album review: Sigur Ros

Sept. 9

Live column: Rolling Stones

Sept. 6

Album review: Rolling Stones

Sept. 5

Feature: Kanye West on Hurricane Katrina

Sept. 2

Live column: Chris Mills

Aug. 31

Concert review: White Stripes

Aug. 30

Album review: Kanye West

Aug. 29

Review: MTV Video Music Awards

Aug. 28

Album review: OK Go

Aug. 26

Concert review: Liz Phair

Live column: Puffy AmiYumi

Aug. 23

Tribute: Robert Moog

Aug. 21

Album reviews: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, New Pornographers

Aug. 14

Album reviews: Bob Mould, Missy Elliott

Aug. 12

Live column: Dream Theater

Concert review: Green Day

Aug. 1

Live column: Le Tigre

Aug. 1

Concert review: Aimee Mann

July 29

Live column: Queen Latifah

July 26

Concert review: Lollapalooza

July 22

Live column: Arcade Fire at Lollapalooza

July 19

Feature: Hilary Duff

July 18

Concert review: Intonation Festival

July 17

Sunday feature: Lollapalooza 2005

July 15

Live column: Intonation Festival

July 11

Concert review: Robert Plant

July 8

Live column: Bob Weston

July 7

Concert review: Billy Corgan

July 4

Concert review: Live 8

July 1

Live column: Sounds of the Fourth

June 27

News feature: Smashing Pumpkins reunion

June 26

Concert review: Redwalls

June 24

Live column: Redwalls

June 22

Concert review: Oasis & Gorillaz

June 19

Live column: Billy Corgan

Feature: Billy Corgan

Album review: Billy Corgan

June 14

News feature: Michael Jackson's acquittal

June 12

Album reviews: Foo Fighters, Brian Eno & The Black Eyed Peas

June 10

Live column: Spoon

June 6

Concert review: Kraftwerk

June 5

Album reviews: Coldplay, White Stripes & Sleater-Kinney

June 3

News: Double Door

Live column: Kraftwerk

Concert review: Common

May 29

Album review: Oasis

May 27

Live Column: Head of Femur

May 22

Sunday feature: Common & Kanye West

Album reviews: Gorillaz, Audioslave & Stephen Malkmus

May 21

Concert review: LCD Soundsystem & M.I.A.

May 20

Live column: The Boredoms

May 18

Concert review: Mars Volta

May 15

Sunday feature: Hottest summer concerts

Sunday feature: Promoters' competition

Sunday feature: Chicago Theatre

Concert review: Mercury Rev & Doves

May 13

Live column: LCD Soundsystem

May 10

Feature: Lakefront concert season

May 9

Concert review: U2

May 8

Sunday feature: Roky Erickson

May 8

Album reviews: System of a Down, Robert Plant, DMB & Ryan Adams

May 8

Concert review: Coldplay

May 6

Live column: Fall Out Boy

May 6

Concert review: Weezer

May 5

Concert review: System of a Down

May 4

Feature: Wilco concerts

May 1

Sunday feature: U2's Larry Mullen Jr.

Apr. 29

Live column: New Order

Apr. 25

Album review: Bruce Springsteen

Apr. 25

Concert review: Moby

Apr. 24

Album review: Nine Inch Nails

Apr. 24

Feature: Rock at Chicago parks

Apr. 23

News: Lollapalooza lineup

Apr. 22

Live column: ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead

Apr. 21

News: Lollapalooza reinvented

Apr. 18

Concert review: Paul Westerberg

Apr. 17

Album review: Garbage

Apr. 13

Feature: Farewell tours

Apr. 12

Album review: Mariah Carey

Apr. 11

Concert review: Nelly

Apr. 10

Album reviews: Lisa Marie Presley, Faith Evans

Apr. 8

Live column: Fat Joe

News: Grant Park Lollapalooza

Apr. 7

2005 Summer concert preview

Apr. 5

News: Lollapalooza concert plans

Apr. 4

News: Lollapalooza

Apr. 1

Live column: Robyn Hitchcock

Mar. 31

News: Lollapalooza looks to Grant Park

Mar. 27

Album review: Beck

Mar. 26

Concert review: Slint

Mar. 25

Live column: Graham Coxon

Mar. 21

South by Southwest 2005 conference wrap-up

Mar. 20

Album reviews: Moby, Queens of the Stone Age, Mars Volta

Mar. 18

South by Southwest conference open story

Live column: KRS-One

Mar. 13

Album reviews: Eric Matthews, Damon & Naomi

Mar. 11

Live column: Mark Olson & Gary Louris

Mar. 10

Feature: I hate the '80s

Mar. 8

Concert Review: Ashlee Simpson

Mar. 6

Album reviews: LCD Soundsystem, Doves

Mar. 4

Live column: Taste of Chaos tour

Mar. 3

Album review: 50 Cent

Mar. 1

Album Review: Jennifer Lopez

Feb. 27

Sunday feature: The new bubblegum queens

Feb. 25

Live column: Modest Mouse

Feb. 23

Album & book review: Tori Amos

Feb. 20

Sunday feature: Do or Die

Feb. 18

Live column: Moe

Feb. 16

News article: Grammy follow-up: Kanye's day

Feb. 15

News article: Grammy Awards

Feb. 11

Live Column: Low

Feb. 7

Review: Superbowl halftime show

Feb. 6

Sunday feature: Grammy preview

Album Reviews: Marianne Faithful, Low

Feb. 5

Live column: L'Altra

Jan. 28

Live column: More local artists

Jan. 21

Live column: Local do-it-yourself artists

Jan. 14

Live column: Neko Case

Jan. 7

Live column: The Coctails, Jimmy Chamberlin Complex

Jan. 1

Concert Review: Wilco, The Flaming Lips & Sleater-Kinney