OK GO, "OH NO" (CAPITOL) **1/2

On their second major-label album, Chicago's OK Go pairs up with producer Tore Johansson, who crafted Franz Ferdinand's wildly successful debut. Recording in Malmo, Sweden, the group favored a harder-edge sound than it offered on its self-titled 2002 Capitol debut, upping the New Wave elements that have always been a part of the mix (heavy on the Cars), while adding a bit more glam rock ('cause kids today love the Killers), mostly to good effect.

The foursome, especially lead vocalist and guitarist Damian Kulash, can still be a bit too clever and way too smarmy for their own good; think of Weezer's iconic frontman Rivers Cuomo without the self-deprecation and emo-style, heart-on-his-sweater-sleeve vulnerability. But during their best moments here -- the energizing opener "Invincible," the slinky, sexy "A Million Ways," and the oh-so-danceable "Do What You Want" -- the grooves are so propulsive and the hooks are so potent that you forgive OK Go's more annoying tendencies.

Unfortunately, the band is still prone to self-aggrandizement -- the "hallelujah" choruses and Kulash's annoyingly precious vocal delivery on "Let It Rain" are truly gag-worthy -- and with the teen pop-meets-Queen approach of "Television, Television," you just know they're banking on securing a spot on the soundtrack for "The O.C." If only they'd trimmed this disc down to an EP.