2008 Articles

The following are handy links to recent articles from the print edition of the Chicago Sun-Times.

December 19

Column: All is quiet on New Year's eve

December 16

Feature: The worst/most overrated albums of 2008

The Best Concerts of 2008

Concert Review: Neil Young at the Allstate Arena

Album Review: Fall Out Boy at "Folie A Deux"

Demo2DeRo: Steak House Mints

December 12

Live Column: Oasis

December 8

Feature: the Best Albums of 2008

December 2

Concert Review: Fall Out Boy at the Chicago Theatre

Album Review: Britney Spears

Album Review: The Fireman

Album Review: Common

Demo2DeRo: Russian Circles

November 24

Live Column: The Revelettes

Album Review: Rivers Cuomo

November 20

Album Review: Kanye West, "808s & Heartbreak"

November 18

Demo2DeRo: Bible of the Devil

Concert review: Smashing Pumpkins at the Chicago Theatre

Album Review: Guns N' Roses "Chinese Democracy"

November 17

Concert Review: Robyn Hitchcock

November 16

Sunday Feature: What ever happened to the class of '93?

Column: Smashing Pumpkins

Demo2DeRo: The Avatars

Spin Control: Beyonce, The Knux

November 14

Live Column: Deerhunter

November 10

Column: Who should rock Barack?

November 9

Demo2DeRo: the Handcuffs

Spin Control: Q-Tip

November 7

Live Column: Robyn Hitchcock

October 31

Feature: Chicago Rock Scene on Halloween

October 27

Concert Review: David Byrne

October 24

Live Column: Yeasayer

October 20

Concert Review: Wire at Metro

October 19

Demo2DeRo: Caw! Caw!

October 17

Live Column: TV on the Radio

October 13

Feature: Latest 'Bond' theme a 'Quantum' of Bad

October 12

Demo2DeRo: Red Eyed Legends

October 9

Live Column: Michael Petryshyn of Riot Fest

October 5

Demo2DeRo: Mr. Russia

Spin Control: Jenny Lewis; Lou Reed

October 3

Live Column: Brazilian Girls

September 30

Album Review: Jennifer Hudson

September 29

Concert Review: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Concert Review: My Bloody Valentine

September 26

Live Column: My Bloody Valentine

September 25

Concert Review: Sigur Ros at the Chicago Theatre

September 19

Feature: The Hideout Block Party

September 12

Live Column: Joan as Policewoman

September 7

Sunday Feature: Brian Wilson

Demo2DeRo: El Segundo

August 31

Sunday Feature: Fall Music Preview

Demo2DeRo: Doppler Shift

Spin Control: The Walkmen

August 24

Sunday Feature: Jonas Brothers

August 23

Live Column: Screeching Weasel

August 22

Concert Review: Eddie Vedder

Live Column: Aesop Rock

August 17

Demo2DeRo: Scott Peckenpaugh

August 15

Live Column: The Ex

August 10

Sunday Column: Songs in the key of R.-Lewd lyrics, even now

Demo2DeRo: MariZen

August 5

Review: The biggest 'Looza

August 3

News: Fans rush gates for Rage at Lollapalooza

Demo2DeRo: The Lusties

August 2

Review: Lolla day 1, Radiohead good but not great

August 1

Column: Time in a bottleneck

July 27

Sunday Feature: Lollapalooza organizers respond to criticism

July 25

Live Column: Canasta

July 22

Review: Miley Cyrus' solo debut

July 21

Pitchfork Day 2 (Roundup): Pitchfork keeps activist spirit with great music

July 20

Live Column: Spiritualitzed brings psych rock back to Pitchfork

Demo2Dero: Johnny Rumble

July 19

Pitchfork Day 1: Night belongs to Burma

July 18

Feature: Pitchfork under the radar

July July 14

Live Column: Yaz

Sunday Column: Traveling Music

July 13

Demo2Dero: Tongues

July 6

Demo2Dero: Sleep Out

July 4

Live Column: Alejandro Escovedo

July 3

Concert Review: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

July 2

Spin Control: Beck

June 25

Concert Review: Liz Phair's 'Exile' show

June 22

Spin Control: Reviews of Lil Wayne, My Morning Jacket

Demo2Dero: Izel's Spiral

June 20

Feature: The best albums of 2008....so far

June 19

Live Column: The Frantic

June 15

Sunday Column: Lyrics, lawsuits are signs 'not guilty' isn't 'innocent'

Demo2Dero: Emanuel Vinson

June 1

Sunday Column: Local DIY Releases

Spin Control: Weezer

May 27

Album Review: Usher

May 22

Demo2DeRo: Brett Wilder

Album Review: Death Cab for Cutie

May 18

Demo2DeRo: Moses Gun

Spin Control: Los Campesinos! and Nine Inch Nails

May 15

Concert Review: Flight of the Conchords

May 13

News: Are Chicago aldermen killing live music?

May 11

Sunday Column: Sounds of the season

Spin Control: Portishead and The Roots

Demo2Dero: Vertikal

May 10

Concert Review: Ministry's "final" tour stop

May 9

Live Column: Al Jourgensen

May 2

Live Column: Local H

April 28

Concert review: Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z

April 27

Demo2Dero: Trio in Stereo

April 25

Album Review: Madonna

Live Column: Shot Baker

April 20

Demo2Dero: Sybris

Spin Control: Nick Cave; Tokyo Police Club

April 18

Live Column: Saul Williams

April 14

Album Review: Leona Lewis

April 13

Spin Control: The Breeders

Demo2Dero: Children's Masterpiece Theatre

April 11, 2008

Live Column: Head of Femur

April 6, 2008

Feature: Concert Promoters in tug-of-war over 'jewel'

Spin Control: Moby; Destoyer

Demo2DeRo: Figdish

April 4, 2008

Column: Vampire Weekend's preppy pretension

April 2, 2008

Concert Review: Ray Davies

March 31, 2008

Album Review: R.E.M. 'Accelerate'

March 30, 2008

Sunday Column: Filligar

Spin Control: The Raconteurs

March 28, 2008

Live Column: Haale Gafori

March 24, 2008

Album Review: Gnarls Barkley's "Odd Couple"

March 23, 2008

News: Seeing red over ticket fees

Album Review: Stolie

March 21, 2008

Live Column: Tim Fite

March 17, 2008

Feature: Five great nights at South by Southwest

Read all of Jim's SXSW dispatches

March 14, 2008

Live Column: Chicago Blues Reunion

SXSW dispatch: Lou Reed keynote address

March 11, 2008

Feature: Two new rock clubs

Column: Lollapalooza vs. the Chicago club scene

March 9, 2008

Demo2Dero: Pretty Good Dance Moves

March 7, 2008

Live Column: Steve Earle

February 29, 2008

Live Column: Sia

February 28, 2008

Feature: Ten New Chicago Artists

February 24, 2008

Live Column: Martin Atkins

Spin Control: Janet Jackson

February 22, 2008

Live Column: New York Dolls

February 17, 2008

Spin Control: Sheryl Crow

February 15, 2008

Live Column: The Super Furry Animals

February 8, 2008

Live Column: Dean & Britta

February 4, 2008

Review: Super Bowl Halftime show

February 3, 2008

Sunday Column: Chicago Music Commission

February 1, 2008

Live Column: Tom Schraeder & his ego

January 25, 2008

Live Column: DJ Deacon

News: Chicago Music Commission all talk and no action

January 20, 2008

Sunday Column: Readers have their say on 'Juno'

January 18, 2008

Live Column: Talib Kweli

January 13, 2008

Sunday Column: Get Real, 'Juno': You're a phony

Spin Control: Saul Williams; Ringo Starr

January 6, 2008

Spin Control: The Smashing Pumpkins

December 28, 2007

Live column: The Best Concerts of 2007

December 23, 2007

Sunday column: The Best Albums of 2007