Demo2DeRo: Mr. Russia

October 5, 2008


Proudly old-school both in their punk and New Wave influences (heavy on solo Iggy Pop, though not for nothing was the Chicago quartet chosen to contribute to David Bowie and Nick Cave tribute albums) and in their chosen means of distributing their music (they're playing a "cassette release show" at Double Door, 1572 N. Milwaukee, on Thursday), the four members of Mr. Russia deliver a slash-and-burn mix of adrenaline and melody that, if not overly unique, is nonetheless undeniable.

Comprised of bassist-vocalist Ivan Russia (who fancifully describes himself as "a beggar, a hypocrite, a love monger"), second bassist-vocalist R. L. Russia ("a bloody lunatic, alarmingly attractive"), synthesizer player Lindi Russia ("a romantic, an ultimate fighter") and drummer Anom Russia ("a tough guy with heart and soul"), the band is currently putting the finishing touches on a debut album titled album "Teething." If it includes songs as strong as "It's True" and "XOXO," which can be sampled on the group's Web site at, it will be well worth a spin.