Jim DeRogatis, Military Miniatures Photo Gallery


In 2002, in an effort to get away from this infernal machine and do something with my hands instead of my head (and ears), I returned to my teenage hobby of building and painting miniature figures, a passion I share as a member of the Military Miniatures Society of Illinois with the likes of the great artist Sheperd Paine, the subject of my career-overview/biography Sheperd Paine: The Life and Work of a Master Modeler and Military Historian, published by Schiffer Books in November 2008.


Here are some examples of my own miniature figures, dioramas, and vignetes. Click on the photos or titles to see more of each piece.



“Those Who Cannot Remember the Past

Are Doomed to Repeat It




“Cleopatra Testing Poisons



“The Pause That Refreshes”



Hell Before Dawn



“Pour ’l Empereur”


French 7th Hussars, 1809


“Everybody’s a Critic”


Punk Cow (for Sheperd Paine)


Napoleon in Egypt, 1798


The Battle of Zama, 202 BC



Older Work

What the heck is this hobby about, anyway?


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