Older Work, 2002 to 2005



Like many military modelers and figure painters, I pursued the hobby throughout my teens; fell away from it in college as I started to indulge in sex, drugs, and rock n roll (or at least the latter), and then returned to it a few years ago because I wanted to do something with my hands that might help me regain a little bit of sanity after all those hours in front of this infernal computer.


Of course, most people would probably say that trying to do a decent job painting a 54mm figure three inches tall and with a face the size of a pea is a quick way to lose your sanity, and now, looking back at the pieces I did as I was just starting out again, I can see how that might seem valid! And of course, when I look at these pieces, all I can see is my (many) mistakes. But, hey, I share these photos here regardless of all that because maybe youre just trying to get back into the hobby again, too; maybe you’ve never seen the work of real masters like Sheperd Paine, and because everybody has to start somewhere!




Chapel Courtyard, the Alamo, March 6, 1836

54mm diorama, Historex conversions

Winner, certificate of merit, Military Miniatures Society of Illinois, 2006




Type VIII-C U-Boat Conning Tower, 1940

54mm Andrea Miniatures diorama




Little Big Horn, 1876

54mm Andrea Miniatures vignette




Rorkes Drift, 1879

54mm diorama featuring Model Workshop figures




Mogadishu, 1993 (Blackhawk Down)

1/35th scale diorama featuring Tamiya Hummer with Dragon, Tamiya, and Warriors figures




Red Devils, Arnhem, 1944 (A Bridge Too Far)

54mm Verlinden vignette




Taking Care of Business, France, 1944

1/35 Tamiya Schwimmwagen with Verlinden and Scale Model Accessories figures



Aux Camarades Tombés, 1809 (A Toast to Fallen Friends)

54mm diorama, Historex figures