Other Writings

 Jim DeRogatis





Guitar world feature: Screamo (November 2002)

Modern Drummer feature: Drumming for the New Duos (November 2002)

SPIN feature: First Band on Mars: The Flaming Lips

Penthouse feature: Talking with Moby

In the Clear: The Past, Present & Future of Acrylic Drums (Modern Drummer, March 2002)

Club Krall (The Rake, Minneapolis, March, 2002)

Big Woman! Candye Kane's Blues (Penthouse, February, 2002)

The Strokes (Penthouse, November 2001)

The Drummers of Stoner Rock (Modern Drummer, September 2001)

John McEntire of Tortoise: Post-Rocks Sonic Genius (Modern Drummer, July 2001)

Preface to NightRally magazine’s Rock n’ Roll Fiction Issue

Rock Books column (Revolver, April 2001)

Screeching Halt (Screeching Weasel feature. Spin, March 2001)

Whitey Sings the Blues (Everlast, Penthouse, March 2001)

Adieu, Smashing Pumpkins, Adieu (Chicago Sun-Times, 2000)

Boogie On Down with the North Mississippi Allstars (Penthouse, 2000)

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Fabulous Flaming Lips! (Penthouse, 2000)

Hey, Man: Stop Bogartin' That Joint! A Beginner's Guide to Stoner Rock (Guitar World, 2000)

Salon Book Bag: Five great rock biographies (2000)

Los Angeles New Times review of the Richard Meltzer and Nick Tosches anthologies (2000)

Emo (The Genre That Dare Not Speak Its Name) (Guitar World, 2000)

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Prog-Rock Underground (But Were Afraid to Ask) (Guitar World, 1998)

An Essential Guide to Intuitive Music (Option, 1997)

The Truth About the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Penthouse, 1997)

A Postcard from Cleveland (The Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame and Museum) 1997

New Adventures in R.E.M. (Request, 1997)

R.E.M.: Musical Perversity (Request, 1991)