December 28

Live column: The Best Concerts of 2007

December 23

Sunday column: The Best Albums of 2007

December 9

Concert review: Hannah Montana

December 6

Live Column: Hannah Montana preview

News story: 2007 Grammy Nominations

December 2

Sunday Feature: CD Box Sets

November 30

Live column: Chris Brown

November 25

Sunday Feature: Music DVDs

November 23

Live Column: Witchcraft

November 16

Live Column: Against Me!

November 13

Concert Review: Neil Young

November 11

Spin Control: The Hives, the Eagles

Book Reviews: Rock books

November 9

Concert Review: Jay-Z

November 8

Album Review: The Eagles

November 6

Album Review: Jay-Z

November 4

Sunday Column: The Redwalls

November 2

Live Column: Frisbie

Concert Review: Kelly Clarkson

October 29

Concert Review: Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello

October 28

Sunday Column: Lupe Fiasco

Book Review: Pattie Boyd

October 26

Live Column: Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

October 24

Album Review: Britney Spears

October 21

Live Column: Robert Wyatt

October 19

Live Column: Annie Lennox

October 17

Live Review: Van Halen

October 14

Feature: Pinback

Book Review: Van Halen

Spin Control: Neil Young

October 12

Live Column: Van Halen

Album Review: Radiohead's "In Rainbows"

October 7

Sunday Column: "Freddy Mercury: The Untold Story"

Spin Control: Dashboard Confessional, The Fiery Furnaces

October 5

Live Column: Electric Six

October 3

Concert Review: Genesis

September 30

Sunday Column: Genesis

Album Reviews: PJ Harvey, Bruce Springsteen, Foo Fighters

Spin Control: Steve Earle

September 28

Live Column: Black Lips

September 23

Sunday Column: Lydia Tomkiw

Spin Control: Eddie Vedder, Go! Team, Jill Scott

September 21

Live Column: Common

Live Column: Sinead O'Connor

September 14

Concert Review: Wilco at Millennium Park

September 11

Album review: Kanye West v. 50 cent

September 10

Review: The MTV Video Music Awards

September 9

Feature: Fall Music Preview

September 7

Feature: Hideout Block Party preview

September 2

Sunday Column: Who speaks for the local music scene?

August 31

Column: These kids today

August 26

Concert Review: Kanye West

Live Column: RZA

August 24

Live Column: Hilary Duff

August 19

Spin Control: The New Pornographers, M.I.A., The Mekons

August 17

Live Column: Professor Murder

August 12

Sunday Feature: An open letter to Lollapalooza's Perry Farrell

Column: The Daily Swarm

August 10

Live Column: Ozzfest

News: Corporate censorship at Lollapalooza

August 3-6; Lollapalooza

Feature: Lollapalooza guide and after show parties

Lollapalooza Blog: Days 1, 2, 3

Review: Lollapalooza Round-up

August 5

Album Reviews: Dean & Britta, Lee Hazlewood, Githead, Ben Weasel and His Iron String Quartet, Jarvis Cocker

July 29

Sunday Feature: Common

July 27

Preview: Crossroads Festival

July 26

Concert Review: Grinderman

July 22

Sunday Feature: Punk Planet, R.I.P.

July 20

Live Column: Dweezil Zappa

July 19

Review: Decemberists with the Grant Park Orchestra at Millennium Park

July 16

Concert Review: Pitchfork round-up

July 15

Sunday Feature: Pitchfork Festival artists interviews and diary

July 13

Feature: Pitchfork Preview

July 9

Review: Live Earth

July 8

Sunday Feature: Pitchfork Music Festival

Spin Control: Spoon, T.I.

July 6

Live Column: Radio Birdman

Concert Review: The Police at Wrigley Field

July 1

Sunday Feature: The Police

Album Review: Smashing Pumpkins

June 29

Live Column: Parts & Labor

News: Taste of Chicago lineup

June 25

Album Review: Kelly Clarkson

June 24

Sunday Column: Mid-year top albums

June 22

News: Summerbash lineup

June 17

Sunday Feature: Ticketmaster

Spin Control: White Stripes

June 15

Live Column: The Deftones

June 13

Concert Review: Nelly Furtado

June 10

Concert Review: Gwen Stefani

Sunday Feature: Bryan Ferry, Patti Smith, and the tribute to Patti Smith

June 8

News: Tinley Park for sale

June 7

Live Column: The Pipettes

June 5

Album Review: Paul McCartney

June 3

Sunday Feature: Elliot Smith, Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley releases

Sunday Column: Hillary Clinton's theme songs

Spin Control: Glenn Mercer

June 1

Live Column: Porcupine Tree

May 27

Sunday Feature: R. Kelly

May 25

Live Column: Joss Stone

May 20

Sunday Feature: Chicago and Lollapalooza

Concert Review: Arcade Fire

Spin Control: Rush, Tori Amos

May 18

Live Column: Arcade Fire

May 13

Sunday Feature: Wilco

Live Column: Kristeen Young

May 11

Live Column: Cursive

May 9

Concert Review: Nora Jones

May 6

Sunday Column: Reviews of Bjork and Feist

Essay: Rap on athletes

May 4

Live Column: Air

April 29

Sunday column: An Appreciation for Lester Bangs

Spin Control: Mavis Staples, Arctic Monkeys

April 27

Live Column: Ted Leo

April 24

Concert Review: Modest Mouse

April 23

Concert Review: Christina Aguilera

April 22

Sunday Column: Rock Reads

Spin Control: Bright Eyes

April 20

Feature: Local releases

April 19

Concert Review: The Decemberists

April 15

Featured Review: Nine Inch Nails

April 13

Feature: The Stooges

April 12

News: Lollapalooza lineup

Feature: Diana Ross

April 10

News: Smashing Pumpkins without Iha

April 8

Sunday feature: Fall Out Boy

Feature: Tom Morello

Spin Control: Kings of Leon; Amy Winehouse; Timbaland

April 6

Live Column: The Gossip

News: Intonation falls victim to fest glut

April 1

Sunday Column: Web Radio and royalties

March 30

Live Column: OK Go

March 23

Live Column: Amiina

March 19

Feature: SXSW 2007 retrospect

SXSW  Day by Day Blog

March 18

Sunday Column: Spring releases by Ted Leo, LCD Soundsystem, Low

March 16

Live Column: Field Music

SXSW: Austin is Chicago South

SXSW: New hopes, harsh realities

March 13

Concert Review: Justin Timberlake

March 11

Sunday Column: Modest Mouse

Spin Control: Air

March 9

Live Column: Scissor Sisters

March 4

Sunday Column: Arcade Fire

Live Column: Chris Daughtry

Spin Control: The Stooges

March 2

Live Column: The Clipse

March 1

Concert Review: Red Hot Chili Peppers

February 25

Sunday Feature: My Chemical Romance

Spin Control: Peter, Bjorn, and John; Tim Fite

February 23

Live Column: Apples in Stereo

February 18

Sunday Column: Music in Advertising

Spin Control: Luscious Jackson, Jill Cunniff, Sneakers

February 16

Live Column: Sparklehorse

February 12

Feature: Grammy Awards

February 11

Sunday Column: Grammy history

Spin Control: Lucinda Williams

February 9

Concert Review: Lily Allen

Live Column: Plasticland

February 7

Concert Review: Fall Out Boy

Feature: Grammy preview

February 6

Record Review: Fall Out Boy

February 4

Sunday Column: Rhys Chatham

February 2

Live Column: 1900s

February 1

News: Super Bowl preview

January 30

Album Review: Norah Jones

January 28

Sunday Column: Mix-tape controversy

Spin Control: The Good, the Bad & the Queen; Wild Carnation

January 26

Live Column: Chicago bred releases

January 21

Spin Control: John Mellencamp

January 19

Live Column: High School Musical

January 17

Sunday Feature: I was "From Rolling Stone"

January 5

Live Column: Jaimie Foxx

December 24, 2006

Sunday Feature: Best Albums of 2006