Dec. 26

The best albums of 2004

Nov. 5

Live column: The Blues Explosion

Movie review: Jay-Z's "Fade to Black"

Oct. 31

Book review: Bob Dylan's Chronicles: Volume One

Oct. 29

Live column: Beastie Boys

Oct. 27

Concert review: R.E.M.

Oct. 24

Sunday feature: R.E.M.

Concert review: The Musical Box, Genesis Tribute

Oct. 22

Live column: Gov't Mule

Oct. 18

Concert review: Steve Earle

Oct. 11

Concert review: Zombies, Love




Aug. 16

Concert review: The Polyphonic Spree

Aug. 13

Live column: Modest Mouse

Aug. 1

Concert review: Hilary Duff

July 30

Live column: Hanson

July 28

Concert review: The Hives

July 27

Concert review: Chris Isaak

July 23

Live column: Local band round-up

July 21

Concert review: Van Halen

July 20

Concert review: Annie Lennox and Sting

Feature: Barenaked Ladies

July 19

Concert review: Morrissey

July 18

Album reviews: The Cure, the Hives, Mooney Suzuki

July 16

Live column: Van Halen

July 13

Concert review: Madonna

July 11

Sunday feature: Madonna

Album reviews: the Roots, Polyphonic Spree

July 9

Live column: Incubus

July 4

Sunday feature: Kill Your Idols book excerpt, the Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Album reviews: Brandy, Burning Brides, Rush

July 2

Concert review: Los Lobos

June 30

News story: The controversy over live concert recordings

PERFECT SOUND FOREVER tribute to the late Robert Quine (including a lengthy interview with Jim DeRogatis)

June 27

Concert review: Prince

June 20

Sunday feature: Prince

Sunday feature: Los Lobos

Album review: Beastie Boys

Jim DeRogatis in the London Observer: America's view of the Best British Albums of All Time

June 18

Live column: Patti Smith

June 14

Concert review: Wilco

Concert review: DKT/MC5

June 13

The Great Albums: PJ Harvey, To Bring You My Love

June 11

Ray Charles Tribute

Live column: DKT/MC5

June 7

Concert review: Dido

June 6

Sunday feature: Wilco

Album reviews: PJ Harvey, Melissa Auf der Maur

June 4

Live column: The Decemberists

May 30

Album review: Avril Lavigne

May 28

Live column: Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

May 23

Sunday feature: Summer Concert Preview

Album reviews: Morrissey, Lenny Kravitz

May 21

Live column: Local Band roundup

May 16

Album reviews: Everlast, Beta Band

May 14

Live column: Holger Czukay

May 9

Sunday feature: Rockers as poets

Rock books column

May 3

Talking with Kanye West

Apr. 25

Album reviews: Prince, Patti Smith

Apr. 9

Live column: Local H

Apr. 4

Concert Review: Ladies First Tour

Spin control: N.E.R.D.

Mar. 28

Sunday Feature: Face the Music: Chicago experts predict the future of the music industry

Mar. 26

Live column: The Rev. Al Green

Mar. 22

News story: SXSW wrap-up

Mar. 19

News story: SXSW conference open

Live column: Kelis

Mar. 12

Live column: Kid Rock

Movie review: Neil Young's "Greendale"

Mar. 7

Concert review: Bob Dylan at the Aragon

Feb. 27

Live column: Twista

Concert review: Evanescence

Feb. 22

Album reviews: Incubus, the Walkmen, Rocket from the Tombs, Mary Lou Lord, Monster Magnet

Feb. 20

Live column: Deep Purple

Feb. 15

Sunday feature: Courtney Love

Feb. 13

Concert and album review: Kanye West

Live column: The return of Urge Overkill

Feb. 10

Album reviews: Courtney Love, Norah Jones, Kylie Minogue, Probot, Queer Eye soundtrack

Feb. 9

News story: The Grammy Awards

Feb. 6

Live column: Cobra Verde

Feb. 2

Review: Super Bowl music

Feb. 1

Sunday feature: Grammy preview

Jan. 30

Live column: Super Furry Animals

Jan. 25

Great Albums column: Arrested Development

Album reviews: Poster Children, Air

Jan. 23

Live column: Califone

Jan. 11

Sunday feature: Macy Gray

Jan. 9

Live column: David Bowie

Dec. 28, 2003

The Best Albums of 2003

Dec. 26

Live column: The Best and Worst Concerts of 2003