Demo2DeRo: Machines That Think

May 19, 2009


Progressive rockers continue to be a rare and elusive breed in the ranks of local bands: One supposes that the countless hours of wood-shedding in order to play 17 chords with six solos in 12/8 time doesn't leave much energy for gigging or D.I.Y. recording. But arriving hot on the heels of the old-school prog band Tautologic reviewed in this space just a few weeks ago comes a demo entry from this more modern combo, which owes more to Tool, Radiohead and Coheed and Cambria than it does to Yes or Genesis, though its chops certainly are at that level.

Founded in Champaign in 2003 by vocalist, bassist and keyboardist Pranay Patel, the band went through several lineup changes before solidifying around guitarists Francis (just Francis) and Josh Kalvelage and drummer Matt Meyer. The group has just released its second indie album, an ambitious, five-part, 25-track epic entitled "The Way the World Works Vol.1-5," and it's celebrating with a gig at the Bottom Lounge, 1375 W. Lake, at 9 p.m. Sunday, May 24.

For more info and to sample the band's serpentine but propulsive sounds, visit or