Demo2DeRo: Tautologic

May 5, 2009


Like a lot of neo-prog bands, Marillion chief among them, modern progressive rockers Tautologic could do with a lot more grit in their sound: The Chicago band's first-wave heroes Genesis may have been intricate, ethereal and wispy, but they were never dainty or fragile. That minor quibble aside, the group's second album "Psychle," released in 2007 but only recently denting my radar, is an impressively ambitious example of virtuosic musicianship and deft arrangements navigating myriad sounds and styles without ever loosing that essential melodic thread or propulsive rock drive.

Formed in 1997 by key songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and driving force Ethan Sellers and currently completed by drummer Pat Buzby, guitarist Aaron Weistrop, bassist Nathan Britsch, saxophonist Chris Greene and violinist Emily Albright, Tautologic is all the more relevant for lyrics that deal not with lamia, slippermen, tales from topographic oceans and the other stuff or progressive-rock lore, but with Ray Davies-style sociological skewerings of "burnout roommates and their psychotic crack-whore girlfriends, tube socks, crazy homeless people, indie hipsters, quasi-terroristic rants against totalitarian utility companies and anything else that entertains and/or irritates."

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