Demo2DeRo: Sleepy Kissers

February 22, 2009


With a gloriously sloppy, grungy and beer-sodden sound reminiscent of some of the best Midwestern indie-rock of the '80s (heavy on the Replacements) as well as punk giants like the Stooges and more recent garage-band buzzes such as the Hives, the Sleepy Kissers have been honing their brand of fuzz since 2006, when the group was formed by bassist/vocalist Mariah, guitarist Mike, drummer Nick and guitarist/vocalist Paul. (No surnames necessary when a group rocks this simply but righteously.)

The quartet released a strong self-titled five-song EP last year (it's available for free download at, and it's gearing up to unleash a full album this summer. Hopefully, the new disc will include inspired anthems such as "Sunshine Grave" and "Source of the Bull----," both of which are streaming at But like all great bar bands, this one probably is best enjoyed in a great bar, and the Sleepy Kissers will be playing at one when they take the stage at Cal's 400 Liquors, 400 S. Wells, at 10 p.m. Friday. The cover is $5; for more info, call (312) 922-6392.