Demo2DeRo: Color Radio

September 16, 2009


Celebrating the recent release of an EP entitled "Be Safe, Beware," the Chicago quartet Color Radio has been turning heads with a sophisticated sound that belies the band's young age: It only came into its own in late 2008, when Jonathan and Tohm Ifergan, two brothers who relocated from Mexico City, joined forces with Matt Thomas and Joel Chasco. The four are dedicated to exploring a subtle, nuanced, introspective and alternately uplifting and haunting sound that evokes national indie acts such as the Appleseed Cast and the Album Leaf as well as Chicago underground heroes such as the Aluminum Group, and songs like "Newest News" and the title track prove they're worthy of being considered in that kind of company.

Following its recent record release show at the Empty Bottle, the band will perform next at Columbia College's Hokin Annex on Oct. and at the Cubby Bear on Oct. 29. You can find more information and sample the group's sounds on the Web at