Demo2DeRo: ARMA

January 18, 2009


Formed last year on the West Side of Chicago by vocalist Taylor Brennan, guitarist Alejandro Guzman, bassist Mike Cali and drummer Ben Ludwig, ARMA doesn't have much to say by way of hyping itself: The band hasn't even bothered to post a bio on its Web site (, and its members aren't much more loquacious in e-mails. But they don't really have to be when they have songs as strong as "Metropolis" and "Believe" from their recent self-titled EP.

With its fluid and sometimes trippy grooves, the group clearly draws inspiration from some of the best nu-metal bands, heavy on the Incubus and Deftones. But the band adds the occasional flash of more old-school metal fire and brimstone, and it's an intriguing mix that's already landing the group some impressive gigs: It performs at Reggie's Rock Club, 2109 S. State, on Wednesday, and at Double Door, 1572 N. Milwaukee, on Feb. 5.