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Real, Real Nice (Reply to this comment)
by crypticcradle
Ya know, I haven't read many things by you but the stuff I have read has been so interesting and thoroughly well done, I must check for you more often. I HATE reading and I almost want to go pick this up or at least check it out at the local book store. That's a victory in and of itself! Good job...

Jan 02 '04
6:22 pm PST

... (Reply to this comment)
by helenekhoffman
Derogatis criticizes the music scene and industry observers for treating women in rock special, instead of as they would treat all other (non-female) bands.

There was this one female musician (regrettably, I forget who it was) that made a comment that the music industry treated the preponderance of female acts "like the Special Olympics." Ha! So true...

As for King Hypocrite Tom Morello (I'm-a-Socialist-even-though-Rage-was-signed-to-Sony-and-I'm-making-a-ton-of-money) I'm glad he got a good skewering. His gushing over the teachings of the murdering dictator Mao in interviews was bad enough...and he supported the freaking SHINING PATH too?! What a horribly misguided dipsh*t he is...

Anyway, apologize for the long comment (: