Praise from Other Authors

Be you a reefer-smoking square or a fluid-sniffing hipster, a transcendental simp or a wholesome mahoney who gets his kicks from secondary smoke, enlightenment awaits you in this study of what happens when guys without consciousness set out to expand their consciousness.

Nick Tosches

author, The Unsung Heroes of Rock 'n' Roll


For a writer about mindbending music, DeRogatis is remarkably lucid. Taking a panoramic view of the disorienting genre and its disoriented figures, he keeps the story moving and leaves the flying to his subjects.

Ira Robbins

editor, The Trouser Press Music Guides


Jim DeRogatis has written one of the most readable and intelligent and worthwhile rock 'n' roll histories of any sort so far. Kaleidoscope Eyes is as well written and fascinating and fun as one might wish a survey of psychedelic rock would be. Read it and get your consciousness expanded!

Paul Williams

editor, Crawdaddy


With impressive knowledge, deep appreciation, verve, and wit, Jim DeRogatis takes us on a journey to the center of psychedelic music and beyond. This is a must read for everyone who wants to open the doors of their musical perception.

Deena Weinstein, Ph.D.

author of Heavy Metal: A Cultural Sociology



I remember running into Jim (literally) in NYC. It was raining and I was walking quickly. As I got to the corner I slammed into him with my umbrella, hitting him hard, right in the temple... He didn't recognize me, I think he thought I was a cop... he had a mustache??


Wayne Coyne, Flaming Lips