Music Inspired by

Lester Bangs


NEW: Mickey Leigh of BIRDLAND plans a Bangs tribute album to feature Bruce Springsteen and others; CLICK HERE for a piece that ran in Entertainment Weekly on 8/17/01.

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THE NASTY ON is a hard-rocking garage-punk band from Vancouver, Canada that recently released The Lester Bangs EP on Stutter Records; the title track appears here in streaming audio courtesy of the band: vocalist Jason Grimmer, guitarist Allen Forrister, bassist Matthew Lyons, and Chad Mareels. I'll be linking to their web site as soon as the boys get it together; meanwhile, you can email Jason if you'd like to find out more about the group.

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CROPDUSTER is another cool group from New Jersey that has also written a song in homage to Lester Bangs called, appropriately enough, "Lester Bangs." You can learn more about the band at The photos below are by the inimitable JIM TESTA of Jersey Beat fanzine fame. Thanks to the band for permission to post this tune.

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BEAR is a U.K. trio that recorded a tune called "Taxi for Lester Bangs" that you can find on Napster (as long as there is a Napster). Here is a link to the rather sketchy bio on their web site.








THE SLOW SLUSHY BOYS are a raunchy garage band that recorded yet another tune called "Lester Bangs"; that was on Napster as well.  Here is a link to a web site with the band's bio.