Remembering Roger Anderson



For me, meeting a number of extraordinary people who had been a part of Lesters life was by far the most rewarding aspect of writing Let It Blurt. I am honored to say that several of these people became dear friends, and Roger Anderson was one of them.


Long after the wild formative years he spent with Lester in El Cajon, Roger followed in his friends footsteps, becoming an incredibly witty and insightful pop-culture critic himself. Like Lester, he died far too soon and is missed and remembered by many.


Below are links to two pieces he wrote about Lester, and to his own obituary.



Roger Anderson: Lester and My Mom


Roger on Almost Famous Lester Bangs Rises from the Dead


Roger Anderson, R.I.P.


Rob Houghton: Lester and Rogers Friend Remembers El Cajon



Roger Anderson, Jim DeRogatis, and Rob Houghton in Chicago, April 2000


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